dimanche 13 décembre 2020

All FRP Bypass Apps 2020 Latest Version Direct Download Links


OpenGalaxy Store

OpenSetting App

OpenGoogle Search App

OpenMy Files

OpenSetting App Alliance Shield Galaxy Store   News



Direct open app​
OpenSetting Appgalaxy store
OpenSetting AppSetting App
OpenSetting AppSet LockScreen (Settings)
OpenSetting AppCall APP
EnbaleSetting AppADB
Open Setting App google quick search box
OpenSetting Appmy files
Direct open app​(Galaxy Store)
OpenSetting AppHiddenSettings
OpenSetting AppS9 Launcher
OpenSetting AppSamsung Pass
OpenSetting App Samsung Browser
OpenSetting AppSmart Switch
OpenSetting AppFile Commander

Enable Adb By Calculator

1 - Open Calculator

2 - Entre the code (+30012012732+)

3 - Entre the code +#0808#

4 - Chose MTP + ADB

Enable Adb By Call

1 - backup all app from samsung cloud

2 - install s9 Luancher or Go Launcher

3 - Entre the code +#0808#

4 - Chose MTP + ADB

3C Toolbox   News  

يستعمل الإختصار أخي الكريم وأختي الكريمة للولوج إلى التطبيق مباشرة من المتصفح

دون الحاجة إلى تنصيب اللانشر من جالاكسي ستور بشرط أن تقوم بتنصيب التطبيق

من هنا وإرجاعه للهاتف الٱخر من حساب سامسونغ 

The abbreviation my dear brother and my dear sister is used to

access the application directly from the browser Without the need

to install the launcher from the Galaxy Store, provided that you install the application

From here and return it to the other phone from the Samsung account